I have what some may call a problem with planning. Ahem…. over-planning that is.

As just one example- I have been dreaming of going to India for so long now that I have planned no less that 15 different travel routes, of varying lengths and catering to the different seasons throughout the year. Yep. I have it all!

Dont get me wrong I’m not one of those people who have a time mapped itinerary, who would freak out over the prospect of missing *that* bus to San Cristobel, that would mean you would miss your prescheduled coffee plantation tour.  (I do however always have excel spreadsheets with proposed timelines, budgets and visa information- but more on that in another post!)

Nope. Chances are that if you travelled with me there would be no scheduled tours or pre booked bus’s. I am definitely heard casually answering “She’ll be right” when asked about the lack of scheduling for the many activities I may be ferverently talking about non-stop.

So the frustrating question some travel companions have had to ask is- why do I like to plan SO much, If I just throw the plan to the wind and “wing it” nine times out of ten?

Well, its because I’m a travel-nerd, plain and simple! I like reading, researching and learning about destinations and I am a firm believer that there is no better way to pass the days or months in the lead up to a trip, than daydreaming, fantasizing and planning said trip! If I cant be travelling I must research travelling!

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BUT– there are things the internet or guide books simply cannot tell you, and sometimes even the best laid plans miss out on some amazing experience or destination which happens to be just around the corner- in the opposite direction of where you were going.

So my advice is to go ahead and plan, research, and get-so-very-excited about your trip.

But stay curious on the road, chat with locals, be flexible, and throw your plans out the window every chance you get! Your trip will be less stressful- more eventful- and you will have so many more stories to tell!

If you have a question about where I find my information and inspiration- leave me a comment below and I’ll fill you in!