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Shatara Travel is made up of avid travellers Shabir & Tara, with Tara taking care of most of the writing and Shabir most of the photography. They have a serious problem with itchy feet which has led them to shake off the ‘real world’ in search of wild adventures and exotic destinations. Together they are ticking off their bucket-list while helping the local community whenever we can.

If you like photography that inspires you to book a trip, funny & real stories, as well solid information to help you plan your own trip- Then you’ve come to the right place!

Tara & Sha started this blog mainly because Tara loves planning. She also loves being bossy, so if people ask her questions about something she knows a thing or two about (aka travel)- she can’t help but bombard them with information, tips, tricks, and weird facts. The goal of this blog is to become a place where people know they can come for solid advice- a little community if you will. If you want to be a part of this then please like our Facebook Page or join our mailing list. Don’t worry they’re not organised enough to send stuff out too often- but they will send you a sweet pre-trip checklist to say thanks! Tara sometimes gets caught up in the whole ‘am blogger- must write top ten list’ trap sometimes, but everything always comes from real experiences.

This blog is always from the heart.

If you’d like to get to know them a little better- keep reading for a little time line of their travels! You can also check out the Liebster and Versatile Blogger posts for some more fun facts about Tara & Shabir.

ShaTara Blog

Something that keeps this blog fresh is definitely the beautiful photography, that’s what our friends tell us anyway haha. Sha is a self taught photography aficionado and is his own worst critic. When Tara is blogging Sha is usually watching Youtube photography tutorials, so he can nail the amazing shots you see throughout this website.


Tara and Sha rekindled an old relationship just months before Tara had planned to move to Canada by way of a RTW trip.


Tara packed up and flew to Europe to begin her solo adventure through Europe. With a few visits from Shabir in betweeen, she then flew across the globe and travelled overland through Central America with a friend (and even her mum for a few weeks).

When We Were Still Fresh Faced & Carefree!
Living in Canada

After maintaining a long distance relationship throughout all of this, Tara had decided to visit Canada instead of moving there so she could home to Shabby. In the end Sha decided he wanted in on all the action too, and later that year he came to live in Canada too!


They spent two incredible years living between Vancouver, Whistler and Banff. They learnt to snowboard, sucked at skiing, ate alot of poutine and drank a lot a Caesars. They loved it so much they are waiting to apply for their Canadian Visa’s for 2017.


After a three-month holiday to Mexico where they volunteered and ate lots of Tacos. They decided to shake things up and moved to China, teaching English in a town called Tianjin. They sucked at speaking Mandarin, Tara took lots of selfies with randoms, and they accidentally ate dog (they think anyway). All of this only left them with a thirst for more experiences, but not very much money.

The Great Wall of China


Tara & Sha decided to return to Australia to save as much money as humanly possible. Why? Because Tara has issues and doesn’t want to get a real job, and Sha has realised they’re not getting any younger. If they want to tick off that bucketlist before ‘settling down’ (Tara says- ugh) then they had to get moving! They managed to get jobs on the gorgon oil & gas project. As part of the Catering and Bar teams they were able to save enough money to keep the travels going just long enough that they might be able to make some income whilst traveling.

Local boat


Tara and Sha have visited India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia so far in 2016. They have explored Maharaja Palaces, been stalked in the Himalayas, and driven thousands of KM’s in a tiny Suzuki. Through these adventures, they have laughed, cried, and had more temper tantrums than they would like to admit, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tara and Sha want this blog to feel like a community, they are here to help you get the most out of your trip. Whether its saving money during a gap year, or saving time during your annual vacay, we can help!

Always feel free to ask us questions in the comments or via email at info@shataratravel.com, we’d be happy to help you!

Shatara Travel

Come along for the ride as they tackle the next few years over seas. Learn together, share inspiration and stories, and dream of what lies on the other side of that mountain, forrest, or island.

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