What’s that I hear you say?!

An Award?

Yep that’s right! We have been awarded a Liebster award!

A Leibsy-what?! A Loobywho?! LIEBSTER!

The Leibster Award is given to new and upcoming bloggers by their peers, to encourage and promote them to larger audiences. That is, bloggers receive and pass on the award as way to show their admiration for the work of new bloggers, and help newbs (like us!) get on their feet.

We were lucky enough to recieve the award twice, largely because I have taken a little bit of time to write up this post to announce our win. So thanks to Ann from www.annkaddley.com and Danielle from over at www.geekgirlgoes.com for the love!

A great quote  from Ann:

“Now you might say ‘pah, no awards panel, no governing body these aren’t real awards’ but I disagree. Bloggers read a LOT of blogs, they study their industry and work on identifying what audiences love best. To be nominated by your peers, from hundreds of potential candidates as a blog that has the potential to go far is a huge honour, even if it does not compare to a Nobel peace prize.The rules of this award evolve over time as the priorities of the community and audience change.”

Right on sista!

So as Liebster conventions insists, let me introduce you guys to the ladies who have been kind enough to not only read our blog, but liked it enough to pass on this award to us!

Ann is a dancing, teaching, circus performing, ninja who has overcome dyslexia to write 2 whole books and an entire travel blog! She is proof that you just need some determination and grit to achieve your dreams. Give her some love at www.annkaddley.com

Danielle is a self-proclaimed geek, which you all know Tara can relate to quite well! She is a fellow travellling English teacher who likes things a little off-kilter, having learnt blacksmithing and horse-back-archery among other things during her travels. Check her out at www.geekgirlgoes.com

The rules I have been given for our award are as follows:

·         Thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to their blog including a brief description.

·         Answer the 10 questions the previous blogger provided.

·         Post 5 random facts about yourself.

·         Nominate 5- 11 bloggers – remember they don’t have to be from your industry on niche.

·         Create a list of 10 new questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

1. What was the first adventure you had that made you think you wanted to travel seriously? I suppose the very first time I recognized the happiness I could feel whilst experiencing new cultures and adventures was in Bali, 2009. I had planned a week with my friends and I stayed on a further week by myself much to the dismay of my employer! It was only then that I truly was able to experience the freedom to make choices for myself and explore the way I wanted to.

2. What is the most important thing you learned while travelling? How privileged I am to have been born and raised in Australia, for sure! Shabir and I keep travelling so that we never forget to be grateful for all the opportunities we have.

3. What was your first ever blog post about? On my first ever blog ‘Harry’s RTW Adventure” on travellers point, I think it was about my time in Kuala Lumpur. My first blog was very much a diary and was more than a little difficult to keep reading, but I still enjoy going back to it for the memories even if no one else would read it.

4. How has being a travel blogger changed the way you travel? I think the new generation of my writing is definitely geared at helping others achieve the things that we have. I want people to use our blog as a source of information, not just for inspiration. This means that we are very aware of how we spend our time and money. Although we miss popular sites if they are not of interest to us, or if they are out of our budget, I at least try to be honest about those reasons when I write. I also would definitely not be carrying my tiny budgeting notebook everywhere I go if I was not blogging!

5. What is the most inspiring thing you have seen on your travels? I have seen a lot of amazing things, but the most inspiring thing would have to be a cross between two.

1: Observing wild elephants on safari in Botswana in 2009. I honestly love how playful these giant creatures can be, but also how sentimental and loving they obviously are towards their herd. This started a love affair for me and has made me passionate about communicating the need to avoid elephant and other animal tourism.

2: Visiting the Great Wall of China. This was never on my bucket-list per say. But I remember feeling such incredible wonder at the fact that we were standing on the actual Great Wall, the thing you learnt about in primary school and seemed so exotic and far off at the time. That was a pretty inspiring feeling.

6. What is one new skill you have picked up as a result of being a writer/blogger? I tend to think about why I feel a certain way in a place more. I reflect more than I did previously, because I want to know why I love a place so much so I can remember the feeling. Or know why I feel uncomfortable in a particuler place. Is it the vibe of the destination, something that’s happened previously, or am I just in a bad mood or being a spoilt ‘white girl’?

7. What is one unusual thing you never leave home without when you travel? A journal! I scrap book everything when I travel. I keep maps, train tickets and entry permits and stick them all in there. I have gotten better at writing dates and little stories written in beside them these days too. The extra weight sucks, but I really value the memories these journals contain. Our grandkids will probably be too cool to look at them, but maybe they’ll believe we were cool once by flicking through them all.

8. What do you think is the most over-hyped fear that stops people travelling? Why is this not really a problem? I would say it’s a finance issue. The biggest thing I see amongst my peers is simply a different set of priorities. No one is ‘lucky’ to be able to travel, except for a few, very rare trust fund babies! Career travellers (or career hobos as we call ourselves haha) simply work hard and sacrifice other things in order to travel. We don’t have a car, a nice house, and we haven’t even owned our own bed since 2012. The jobs we worked to save cash were the most horrible jobs we have ever had, and we didn’t go out for fancy dinners or for drinks unless it was a special occasion. And we certainly didn’t buy a new outfit every time we did go out. If you want to travel, it doesn’t take luck. It simply takes making the decision, and making it the priority!

9. Who inspires you in your writing? Is there a blogger/writer or business person you look up to? I think the blog I’ve been following consistently for the longest would be Goats on the Road. I read many different blogs and my ‘go to’ probably changes depending on the mood I’m in. The ‘Goats’ have been blogging for such a long time now and they really aim to be informative and helpful, which is a goal of ours.

10. Do you have a travel bucket list? What is the next location or experience you are looking forward to? We tried to put together a bucket-list once. We tried to each pick a top ten, which grew to a top 20. Then we both liked each others’ choices so much it grew even further! We definitely want to visit Machu Picchu one day. And we have a flight booked to Nepal in September so that we can have a go at Everest Base Camp, which is pretty damn exciting. Base camp wasn’t actually on that big bucket-list I mentioned! That just shows how spontaneous we can be when choosing destinations.

Five random facts about myself:

1. I love cheese. Like…… I have an unhealthy obsession with it. EDIT: As of July 2016 I am a functioning Vegan who only relapses sometimes! This is super impressive for me and most people who know me don’t believe me!

2. I am completing a Bachelor of Internet Communications. If you know me/follow our blog you know we are also travelling full time for the foreseeable future. So yep. I like a bit of a challenge I guess.

3. I used to have bright red hair. I miss it alot! But being a traveller and having red hair is harder work even than studying while travelling!

4. Although I call myself a mermaid and love the water, I was entirely retarded around it until I met Shabir. Its amazing that I can dive now, honestly. I never used to be able to go under water,  I failed level 2 of swimming lessons a million times because I could only swim 50 meters if I was swimming towards the shallow end of the pool. Crazy ,I know!

5. I was a ballerina in highschool. I used to catch the train all the way to and from classes after school, meaning I would get home at about 8pm on school days, then weekend classes as well! I was dedicated, but you wouldn’t know it now! haha

My nominations for the award: I chose to nominate 8! I was nominated twice so figured I should spread the love a little bit more!









Congratulations guys! I hope you love the concept of this award and have fun sharing it around to blogs you enjoy!

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