Our Indonesia Travel Budget For Month #6

We visited Bali and Flores in Indonesia, with a days transit in Singapore on our way back from India

We killed our budget this month. We were feeling sorry for ourselves after some rough spells in India. We were absolutely taking a holiday from our holiday. I also lost two bankcards in our first few days in Indonesia, which left Shab in charge of the purchases. Although I kept a record of our spending- I didn’t tally it up until recently. I’m pretty sad about our spending as I write this post up to be honest.
Farrrrrrrrrrk we spent a lot!!
Valuable lesson learned- if you don’t keep track of how much you’re spending it can add up so much faster than you’d realize! Keep a budget guys!

29 days- August 15 to September 13

Total in Rupiah: 42,353,498
Total in Australian Dollars: $4,235

Average per day in Rupiah: 1,460,465
Average per day in Australian Dollars: $146

The Budget Breakdown:


Total in Rupiah: 8,234,498
Total in Australian Dollars: $823


Total in Rupiah: 20,340,000
Total in Australian Dollars: $2,034


Total in Rupiah: 2,250,000
Total in Australian Dollars: $225

Water and Snacks

Total in Rupiah: 2,736,000
Total in Australian Dollars: $273


Total in Rupiah: 0
Total in Australian Dollars: 0
We didn’t get a sim card this month- and we regretted it almost everyday! Local sims are so easy to get and SO HANDY to have guys!


(We’ve included our diving, laundry, clothing purchases and gifts in this category)
Total in Rupiah: 8,793,000
Total in Australian Dollars: $879

If this looks like a tiny amount:

We actually blew our budget completely and utterly out of the water this month. We didn’t say no to anything, as we were feeling a little worse for wear after fights with airport security and each other in India (life isn’t always so peachy!). As always, we always look for the cheap accommodation that doesn’t have outright terrible reviews, we eat where we want, we have seen the sights we wanted to see, and we rented a scooter for the entire month. We didn’t site see so much as this was probably our twentieth trip to Bali, but we did drive ourselves out to some awesome waterfalls and we got some great diving under our belts.

If this budget looks out of your price range:

don’t cancel your trip just yet! There are many ways you could save even further if you were a little more determined than us. We were visiting Bali after 3 months in India where we didn’t always get to eat what we wanted and we didn’t always get to spend time at the beach. We jumped at every chance to eat the good stuff and hang at the beach longer- even if it meant paying for the more expensive beach restaurants.
We also spend a lot of money on food (we spent more on food this month than we spent in an entire month in India! No wonder I put on a few KG’s!) So if you are a light eater, or make better restaurant choices you will save a tone compared to us on foods. We need Wi-Fi and comfortable seats when studying, blogging, and editing photos so we often choose a place that’s a bit more expensive so we have the luxury of nice seating and sometimes even air conditioning with our Wi-Fi connection.

Have you been to Indonesia? Did you end up spending more, or less than us? Tell us about it in the comments!

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