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Watermark Hotel and Spa Bali

As a final hoorah in Bali and the very last stop of our year of non stop travel, Watermark hotel and spa Bali treated us to a very extravagant and relaxing stay at their Jimbaran property. Where is Jimbaran? Well its in the South of the Island, 5 minutes from Denpasar...

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48 hours in Bandung

We’ve just come back from a whirlwind trip to Bandung in West Java. Now, Bandung is Indonesia second biggest metro area, which means that your options are almost limitless! In this article in this post I’m going to tell you how to best spend 48 hours in...

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Labuan Bajo Diving

Labuan Bajo Diving, Flores Labuan Bajo a tiny town on the west coast of Flores island. Not gunna lie, It’s basically a long dusty street that sits in front of a harbor. The harbor is full of colorful fishing, and diving boats as well as luxe sail boats that belong to...

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Must-Pack Items

Packing can be hard at the best of times, but if you're anything like me you probably leave everything to the last minute and run around in a daze the days before your trip. Shab is much better at getting organised but he always forgets something! This handy list is...

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One Month in Indonesia: Travel Budget

Our Indonesia Travel Budget For Month #6 We visited Bali and Flores in Indonesia, with a days transit in Singapore on our way back from India We killed our budget this month. We were feeling sorry for ourselves after some rough spells in India. We were absolutely...

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Kelimutu Crater Lakes

If you haven't heard of this absolute pearler destination in Indonesia- you NEED to keep reading this post. Kelimutu Crater Lakes are so mystical that we spent 5 hours up there! We even kept our poor driver waiting at the bottom of the Volcano that whole time! Ooops!...

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Passport Stolen! HELP!

If you have had your passport stolen are in need of information and advice ASAP- skip straight to the checklist below! If you’re reading this as a preventative measure, or to make yourself feel better after the fact- just keep reading my ramblings whilst I set the...

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Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award We won another award! We won! We won! U-S-A! U-S-A! Ok maybe I have had too much coffee. Perhaps. But I am excited for good reason! We have just been honoured with a Versatile Bloggers Award by Naomi from Probe Around the Globe. In Naomi's...

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Budget: One Month in Sri Lanka

Yep. I love budgets! I have already declared my love for budgeting in a previous post, so for those following along at home I won’t repeat myself for this Sri Lanka Budget. If you need a re-fresher on how I go about compiling my budgets, or you missed our post on...

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Reflections from Six Months on the Road

Phew! Six months, Four countries, Ten flights, 44 scuba dives, countless curries, too many chilli surprises, a few automobile near misses, and more temper tantrums than we would like to admit! BUT WE MADE IT THROUGH ALIVE! And now we want to share our highs and lows...

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Havelock Island for Vegetarians

I chose to transition to a completely plant based diet whilst on Havelock island. Being the middle of monsoon season, on a tiny remote island, when half of the restaurants’ were closed, may not have been the best time or place to make this work. But I did OK...

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Kalapani Beach Resort, Neil Island

Kalapani Beach Resort: Your home away from home on Neil Island! Bina and Parakesh run this lovely little resort on Beach # 3. It has everything a budget backpacker could want and then some! The sandy gardens are full of coconut palms and hammocks. If you say...

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5 Reasons to Visit Neil Island

Neil Island is the smaller of the two most touristic Andaman Islands. This means it is not only beautiful, but super laid back and free of crowds. And, I mean, not many of the Andaman Islands see that many crowds anyway. So that gives you an idea of how pristine and...

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The Great Elephant Hunt: Part One

By the second time we tried the Elephant beach trail it had been sunny for four days. The mud was almost completely dried up, which made for a much more pleasant walk, and we also wore our hiking shoes which helped a lot. Read about our first attempt here. Of course,...

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Hiking to Elephant Beach on Havelock Island

Our adventures on Havelock Island continue! If you already know about Havelock Island then skip ahead to the next paragraph. For those who haven’t heard of Havelock Island- you are missing out! Havelock is known as the most touristic of the decidedly un-touristic...

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Andaman Islands: Back to Basics

We visited the Andaman Islands in June this year and it was almost like stepping back in time. Have you ever wondered what it was like to travel before the Internet opened the floodgates of information? I mean, how did they find out what restaurants to eat at? How did...

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