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Solving the Andaman Wi-Fi Riddle once and for all!

The beautiful Andaman Islands sit in the Bay of Bengal, just 100 kilometres from Indonesia. Surprisingly though, these islands belong to India, about 1000 kilimetres away! Travel on these islands is unique as they are home to some of the last untouched tribes in the world, Including the reportedly sometimes aggressive Jarawa, and the elusive Sentinalese. Why travel to the Andaman Islands? People told us stories about the stunning, secluded beaches, the ridiculously good diving, the challenging sport fishing (for Shabir, not me!), and the possiblity of seeing Rajan the retired swimming elephant roaming the island. So, of course, visiting the Andaman Islands whilst...

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One Month in Thailand: The Budget!

Yep. I love a good budget! I have already declared my love for budgeting in a previous post, so for those following along at home I won’t repeat myself. If you need a re-fresher on how I go about compiling our budgets, or you missed our post on month #1’s budget completely, have a quick look here and here to bring you up to speed! This month saw us completely change plans AGAIN! I know, I know! You must be asking us why we even bother to plan at this point. Well my friends, I like to plan and prepare, and...

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Volunteer on Koh Tao!

We have always found that when we volunteer whilst travelling we get the most rewarding memories we have. We always aim to make a positive difference, however small. So, knowing we would be spending few weeks on Koh Tao we decided to see what volunteering opportunities were available on the island.I immediately read about the Koh Tao Animal clinic, and knew I had a lot of love to give to some furry friends, so this sounded perfect. I miss my family pets so much whilst on the road! From their Facebook page: “The goal of this clinic is to treat...

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Koh Tao for Vegetarians!

Overall I have found eating in Thailand much more enjoyable than I did India. This is so surprising to me, as Indian menus are largely vegetarian, and Thai menus are not always. The biggest plus I found was the way Thai food is cooked, leaving vegetables fresh and tasty instead of over cooked like much Indian cooking. If you could only visit Thai restaurants for your entire trip, then you would easily be able to find a few vegetarian options. You can also modify those that are served with meat, as they still include ample vegetables.I have included my...

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31 Countries!

We have overcome the 30 country benchmark!So I though I’d give you an updated Map to gander at! This series will provide a nice little time line of our travels over the years. Get your own map at the Matador Network!How many countries have you ticked off? Tell us in the comments...

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